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Smart Cities Solutions from JLL

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At a conceptual and implementation level, Smart Cities represents a convergence of many focus areas. Smart cities aim at optimum utilisation of infrastructure and resources, combining growth and infrastructure demands enabled by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

JLL has evolved its own building and city-level ICT solution through a key partnership with Pacific Controls that represents a convergence of electricity, water, citizen connect, resilience, crisis management and emergency response. This platform is called ‘Intellicommand’ and its capability continues to evolve through each phase of implementation. “Platforms such as these will provide a key enablement of Smart City programs through agile and adaptable technology solutions to suit different economic and social environments. Importantly, customization of ICT solutions will be the key to fortifying the Smart City program and provide a necessary fillip to its progress,” says Rajat Malhotra.

Urban planners and architects have to get used to an inclusive methodology of planning that involves not only the traditional dynamics but also ICT solutions and final governance models for the city, where private enterprises will increasingly partner with the government. For example, while designing a Waste Management solution for a smart city, there would need to be the involvement of private enterprise involved in waste generation, disposal and consumption to recycle and reduce landfill pressures. Governance models will have to include building operators, township operators and ICT solution providers to provide the realworld inputs into plans that will one-day transfer into efficiently operated and managed structures.

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