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Software Solutions for Development

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The increasing complexity of projects are challenging the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals to adopt software solutions for enhanced project delivery and asset performance. Aidan Mercer, Senior Industry Marketing Manager at Bentley Systems, a software solutions company talks to Buildotech about the latest technologies and their relevance in design, construction and operation of infrastructure.

Importance of geospatial technologies in urban development

Geospatial technology is of critical value to all infrastructure projects, whether it’s in the planning, design, or operations phase. Google somewhat changed the face of the industry by commoditizing basic maps, but at the same time it raised the industry’s profile by recognizing the importance of knowing the precise location of everything we do.

For urban projects, geospatial technology is of vital importance as it helps with geo-coordination of the survey, capture, administration, and management of land and property. An urban planner will need to accommodate such things as mass housing, communication and transportation networks, energy and water supply, transportation links and the environmental impacts when creating master or capital plans. The technology is fundamental to achieving these goals and objectives, but urban planners also need to be fully aware of the rise of other disruptive technologies.

The advent of mobile devices that measure and track everything that moves or changes are being utilized by a multitude of different users, for a variety of different reasons. Some of the data being produced includes traffic volume, road condition, utility usage, environmental impact, and smart building data. The use of mobile technology effectively means any person with a device can act as an infrastructure inspector and report on the status of assets at any time. These observations from mobile inspectors will need to be factored in when planning urban projects.

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