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Solar Collectors for performing arts facility

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The new Shenzhen PerformingArts Facility in China is amultifunctional complex ofcultural and sports facilities builtwith special attention to theneeds of the local community.The different levels of the complexare linked with white ribbon-likewalkways. The building housesa multi-functional concert hallholding 1400 seats with adjustableceiling that helps create 7-8different types of halls in the verysame space.

Hungarian firm, Zoboki-Demeter & Associates Architectsprovided a floating metal roofhovering above the entirecomplex, fabricated from tens ofthousands of individually madealuminum forms. It uses solarcollectors to decrease the amountof energy necessary for managingthe building’s climate control. Thebuilding exudes transparency withits winding staircases and ratherunusual sense of openness.


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