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Solutions that create Intelligent Spaces

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With innovations in construction & construction techniques and the need for speedy execution of projects, dry walls are fast becoming the favoured alternative to brick masonry. Buildotech spoke to Sandeep Mittal, Director Anutone about their offerings in this area.

Anutone is established in the market for ceilings and panelling products. The four verticals – drywalls, ceilings, panelling and acoustics – are interrelated functionally. How do you leverage this in applications?

Anutone is uniquely positioned to provide complete solutions for interiors. Once the building shell is ready, Anutone steps in to divide the floor plate efficiently with magnesia drywalls. Magnesia drywalls mimic a brick wall the closest. Then come the ceilings and panelling with a wide array of surface finishes, performance functionalities and installation methods. And, of course, acoustics is built into whatever we do, right from computer simulation to post-installation testing at project sites.

Anutone offers one-stop solutions to create intelligent spaces. You would be working along with the architects in all projects…..

Yes architects are key to buildings. They imagine and create the process which everyone else in the ecosystem follows. Anutone works very closely with architects in providing solutions to interior surfaces, the performance characteristics and handholds projects along with site teams from concept to completion. In fact, our products are merely incidental to the value-chain of design, supply, installation guidance and validation of project sites with testing.

More on Tufbloc magnesia drywalls and their applications

Brick walls are the dominant product for internal partitioning of spaces. Later came drywalls, first wood-based like plywood etc and then mineral-based like gypsum. The building community has been slow in adopting drywalls as none comes close to brick walls.

However, for the first time in India, Anutone introduces magnesia drywalls which mimic a brick wall the closest in terms of fire and water resistance, impact and termite resistance, strength and screw holding capacity. Plus Tufbloc walls can be cladded with tiles, stone etc.

What has been the response for false ceilings in the Indian market?

Ceilings are generally gaining popularity but more as an aesthetic than a functional necessity. The same spaces where ceilings are installed can be more fire-safe, damp-proof, thermally insulant, sound-absorbing, light reflecting. Thus the value of a space can be greatly enhanced not by just having any ceiling but a ceiling that performs and performs well to bring comfort and safety to end users.

How is the cost factor worked in? What are the different product range in this and the applications?

Anutone has perhaps the widest range of product solutions from the budget standpoint. We have solutions from 50/ft2 to 5,000/ft2. Yes it seems unbelievable but true. Hence we are one company that can fit in a product solution that meets the needs of any project… in terms of the design of the architect, the sustainable requirements of the consultant, the installation needs of a contractor and the purchase limitations of the buyer. We have a few products like Pixel, Pixel Smery, Mat and Strand that can be painted at site to meet specific needs of customers. Then we have fabric based wall panelling wherein a neutral shade fabric can be dyed to the exact colour of the customer’s requirements.

What about your manufacturing facilities and R&D?

We have manufacturing at Bhiwandi and Bangalore and are expanding with a new plant outside Bangalore. We would think we are the only private sector company, outside of government research institutions, to have a fully equipped and functional acoustical lab with complete instrumentation for developing acoustical solution unique to major projects.

How is Anutone going to be positioning itself in this year with a couple of international brands coming to India?

We do not need to position ourselves. We are entrenched in the India market. Since 1966 Anutone has been serving projects first for wood wool boards, then for acoustical products and now for drywalls, ceilings, panelling and acoustics. Our brand is well known not only in the metro cities but the tier-2 and 3 cities of India. Our brand promise of knowledge, quality, reliability and has delivered successful projects and won us the trust of delighted customers.

Our focus is to share our knowledge and resources further to tier 3 and even tier 4 cities that is starved of such information and services. We will continue with our mission and influence how buildings are conceived, constructed and delivered. The positioning happens on its own.


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