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Sound Proofing Solutions

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Pyrotek Inc specialises in the development and manufacture of high temperature material for industrial applications. Arabinda Sen, Head-Noise Control (Technology) Division, Pyrotek India Pvt Ltd talks to Buildotech about the company’s noise control products.

What are the diverse noise control products marketed by Pyrotek Inc world wide? Which are the products made available in India?

The Noise Control products fall into categories – Sound Absorbers, Mass Barriers, Vibration Damping and Isolation, Pipe & Duct Lagging, Acoustic Underlay and Composites. Most of the products can be made available by importing it in India. But to be specific, we are marketing Wavebar, Soundlag, Reapor, Sorberpoly 3D/2D, Sorberbarrier, Soundpaint, Vibradamp and Silentstep.

Can you elaborate on product features and specific applications?


This is an economical, easy to install sound barrier that greatly reduces noise transmission between walls, partitions, floors and ceilings in buildings, vehicles and marine applications. Wavebar provides high transmission loss with high tensile strength and uses the latest manufacturing technology. It is a specially engineered material consisting of a mineral loaded polymer, and can be supported by a reinforcing fabric to ensure it will never crack and will remain flexible during a lifetime. It is available in 2kg/m2 to 8kg/m2 density giving an STC of 23 to 30dB. Also comes as Wavebar Quadzero (foil faced for zero ignitibility) and Wavebar Outdoor (for external applications).

Applications –

  • Reduction of traffic and aircraft noise vs in homes, apartments and offices
  • Partition wall interlining
  • Reduces ceiling noise drastically by eliminating noise from adjacent rooms.
  • Provides privacy and peace of mind in board rooms, consultation rooms, computer rooms, nurseries etc.
  • Floor and ceiling interlining
  • Acoustic doors
  • Soft enclosures for factory fans and machinery housings and enclosures
  • Strip curtains/drapes
  • Vehicles and marine vessels as flooring mats and engine curtains
  • Portable noise barrier screens
  • Mining barrier curtains
  • Noise curtains for jack-hammers, drilling rigs, blasting and pile drivers on


The trend towards high-density living environments and lightweight building construction over the last decade has required an improvement in the control of noise from waste pipes and general plumbing. Soundlag 4525C, carrying a ten year warranty, is the choice for many leading acoustic consultants, architects and consulting engineers as its quality assured consistent performance guarantees quieter pipes.

Soundlag 4525C has been developed as an easy to use acoustic treatment which reduces noise breakout from pipes. The unique flexibility of the polymer-based noise barrier provides superior performance and allows even the smallest pipes to be lagged effectively. It’s independently tested in laboratory conditions and in situ to give proven consistent performance. Leading consultants specify Soundlag 4525C with confidence.The aluminium foil facing provides a robust lifetime surface finish, ensuring protection from damage, and improves fire resistance.

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