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Sound Proofing Solutions

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Reapor has been developed to maximise noise energy absorption. It resolves issues of fire, weather aging and contamination damage. Easily maintained, constructed from recycled material, VOC free, Reapor panels are easily fixed and worked. Reapor provides a useful tool in the control of wanted noise in a range of applications. Ideal for all indoor and outdoor environment. It has a high absorption of NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 0.9. It is fibre free, non-toxic, 100% recyclable and can be painted as per one’s choice.

Worldwide building codes have tightened as the understanding of the risk of fires to human life in buildings has grown. The addition of fire retarders, while reducing time to full ignition, often did not reduce the smoke, creating an early hazard in a fire. Critical areas and certain types of buildings have seen a change in legislation to only accept products with the highest level of fire resistance. The toughest of these legislations and the tests that go with them require the product to be virtually noncombustible.

Reapor has achieved a non-combustible result making it safe and legal to use in all building areas and applications, bringing a fire safe way to control unwanted noise.

Silent step

The trend towards high-density living and light weight building construction over the last decade has required an improvement in the control of noise in multistorey buildings. Noise issues often relate to impact noise created by foot traffic and airborne noise created by activity travelling through light weight or poorly constructed flooring systems. Silentstep offers a solution to these problems. Silentstep is laid as simply as conventional underlay, replacing existing underlay. Its final manufactured thickness ensures easy laying during installation, as with conventional underlay. Silentstep maintains a high level resilience in carpet underlay applications. Silentstep underlay creates a decoupled noise barrier with the bottom layer of foam isolating the noise barrier from the floor construction.

Soundpaint® SP150

This is fast drying, water based viscoelastic vibration damping compound. The exceptional vibration damping properties are complemented by ease of use, environmental friendliness and low combustibility (dry film). The products is a thixotropic paste and is specially designed for trowel, brush, roll-on and air-gun spray applications. Once dry, the cured the film is UV, water and chip resistant. It is also paintable.

Soundpaint SP150 is a low-density product. The dry film is light in weight without compromising high damping performance. Consequently, this material is recommended for weight sensitive applications. The applications include boat hulls, ceilings , decks and bulkheads, machinery and equipment enclosures, automotive, dishwashers, hospital equipment, truck or bus underbodies,heavy earthmoving equipment and metal floors.

More information on Pyrotek Inc and its control division…

Pyrotek is a leading international company supplying alumnium, foundry, glass, zinc, steel, noise control and hearth customers with performance improving technical products, integrated processing systems and consulting services worldwide. Since the company’s inception in 1956, Pyrotek has been offering industry related technical expertise and global resources with 66 locations in 31 countries. Pyrotek India Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of Pyrotek Inc. USA and Pune is our major manufacturing hub with 16 acres of land at Sanaswadi.

The Noise Control division of Pyrotek, previously known as Soundguard, was established in Australia in 1972 to develop and manufacture a complete range of soundproofing products. Our customers demand the luxury of silence. Our aim is to provide them with the best noise control solutions available. We do this by continuously improving our now extensive range of specialised products and applications knowledge. Reducing unwanted noise is a Science. We have developed our specialist knowledge and product range for nearly 40 years.

Are all products imported ?

As of now, we are importing all our products from Australia and from Czeck Republic. We plan to start local manufacturing after two years, provided we get a good rersponse from the market and with sales picking up.

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