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SPC Manager Software access control

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Siemens’ Building Technologies Division offers SPC Manager software, part of the company’s SPC series new-generation security system that combines sophisticated intruder and access control with cost-effective, modular design, offering extreme flexibility.

The software helps the administration of multiple SPC intrusion detection and access control systems at one or more locations and supports up to one thousand SPC panels that can be located anywhere in the world. The software also offers powerful features, including real-time monitoring of installed systems and the ability to modify the user settings of more than one SPC system in a single command.

Designed with corporate buildings in mind, SPC Manager is equally suited for single-site applications such as small offices and shops and for multi-site applications such as retail chains and banks. The software uses an always-on Internet protocol (IP) communication system to provide continuous monitoring of key status information such as “panel set,” “panel unset” or “panel partially set.” It also monitors events and activities for each panel and provides a convenient summarized overview with drill-down options for additional details.

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