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Special shows of BAU 2013

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The key themes at BAU 2013 to be held from 14 – 19, January 2013 at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre will cover and illustrate in forums and special shows a number of different perspectives and aspects. The Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance (Hall C2) at BAU 2013, showcasing 30 intelligent product and system solutions will set out the contribution that building research can make to a sustainable and future-capable “TomorrowTown.” The road towards the city of tomorrow is via “intelligent building.” In its special show on “Sustainable building products; More transparency promotes better decisions,” the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council), in cooperation with leading partners from the building industry and building research, will discuss completed and certified projects, and illustrate the relevance of building products for the construction, operation & certification of sustainable buildings. It will also show specific solutions that point out the effect of building products on building performance and the certification result. The DGNB’s online “Navigator” tool delivers the necessary transparency.

In cooperation with ift Rosenheim, BAU is organizing “Universal Design”, a concept aimed at ensuring products are designed and made so that they can be easily used by the greatest number of people. Trends such as demographic change are bringing universal design into the spotlight in designing houses, rooms and building components. This special show illustrates, using examples of products, what specific implications universal design will have for building components like windows, doors and gates. BAU in cooperation with GGT Deutsche GesellschaftfürGerontotechnik®, will demonstrate what “Building for Life” means in practice and what it involves. This time the display will focus on comfort. On around 200sqm of space in Hall A4, fullscale, multifunctional and flexible rooms, with a hotel character, will be set up, and fitted out with products that appeal to young and old alike.

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