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Steel panel tech for pre-fab structures

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Interlock Structural Panel (ISP), based in Ontario, Canada has developed the next-gen steel panels for use in pre-fabricated structures – steel panels that provide a one-step, interlocking, insulated, structural steel building system. The unique feature of this product is that it has the frame built into the panel. The panels are constructed out of flat, galvanised steel using customized machinery after which a roll former shapes it to the desired configuration.

A stud is installed and then urethane foam is added. Between the top and bottom the studs have holes to allow the foam to go through, and the foam also has a fire retardant. The panel is available in dimensions of 5-6.5 inches thick and up to a maximum length of 30ft. Structures are erected through a ‘balloon construction’ method, a single piece from the basement pad to the roof with no seams and no trusses, only a ridge beam. It allows for speedy construction – a 1,220sqft house can be erected in five days. The advantages of the thermos like structure are many – no warping, settling and shrinkage; no extra insulation, vapour and air barriers, yet much cheaper to heat.

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