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Supreme introduces Safegard

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Supreme Industries, latest introduction Safegard readymade septic tanks complement the company’s existing portfolio of ‘Nu- Drain’ underground drainage system comprising of pipes, fittings, readymade inspection chambers and manholes.

The septic tanks are designed to provide a better substitute to existing conventional brick and mortar septic tanks. They have robust design with great strength, are simple and quick in installation, corrosion & chemical resistance, hygienic and safe with 100% water tightness ensuring complete leakage protection. The tanks are free from infiltration and ex-filtration, ensure prevention of soil and ground water pollution and are economical with minimal maintenance. With life expectancy of more than 50 years under ideal conditions, they are safe against anti –flotation, root penetration, eco-friendly and confirm to various National /International standards, building code and regulations. ‘Nu-Drain’ is approved by MCGM and is available in different flow profile designs as per site requirements.

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