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Sustainable Designer Bathrooms

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Duravit AG present in almost 130 countries, develops and manufactures sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, shower trays and bathtubs, whirl and wellness systems, showertoilets, and accessories for the international market, operating through 35 affiliated companies. Manufacturing takes place in Germany, Egypt, China, France, India, Tunisia and Turkey.

Duravit and its designer’s product creations are not just about looks but equally about practicality and sustainability, applying to both the material used and the environmentfriendly production & design. For example, Starck-1 range by designer Philippe Starck has gone back to the beginnings of hygiene, body care and wellness. The range describes the evolution of the bathroom, the toilet, bathtub and washbasin from their historical predecessors, namely the bucket, tub and washbowl even though they have been completely reinterpreted. The forms of Vero ceramic range are entirely restricted to the rectangle that gives rise to new possibilities with its clear, minimalist design. Similarly, Happy D, the range developed by Sieger Design offers outstanding value for money. The design of the 1930 Series is the very essence of sustainability with its characteristic form of the octagonal washbasin..

Duravit in India

The fully-owned Indian subsidiary of Duravit AG, Germany was started in 2003.  Meeting the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008, the company’s philosophy of “living bathrooms” is reflected in its collaboration with highprofile designers, resulting in innovative new products for all kinds of budgets and lifestyles. The company has been conferred with the status of an ‘Export House’ by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), India and has received K Raheja Crop. award 2014 for “Excellence in quality & service”.

Today, Duravit India has a workforce of 391 employees. Company’s stateof-the-art factory is situated at Village, Indranaj, Tarapur near Ahmedabad in western India with an initial production capacity of five lakhs large ceramic pieces per year, and this can later be increased to 20 lakhs.  The plant produces design products by high-profile international designers such as Philippe Starck, Matteo Thun, Phoenix Design, Norman Foster, and Sieger Design.

A very strong IT network and infrastructure connects Duravit India with the headquarters in Germany and enables round the clock support in terms of communication infrastructure and use of world class IBM software DIAS system to ensure faster release of all ordered materials. Duravit’s logistics cooperate with leading logistics companies to arrange quick shipment delivery and logistic solutions. Additionally, the 100 plus premium partners and 25 wholesalers across India make Duravit product ranges easily accessible. Its wellequipped field representatives provide ample sales support and trainings to plumbers on mounting and installation.


Duravit founded in 1817 has always been rooted in a “tradition of innovation.” It uses fusion of environment friendly production technologies and boasts of a meticulous quality control process to create high-quality products. Duravit has developed bathtubs from freestanding to built-ins that offer curvaceous corner bathtubs, luxurious whirlpools and even innovative sundecks.

Numerous product innovations from the company show that sustainability in the bathroom goes far beyond simply saving water. For years, wherever it makes ecological sense, Duravit has been using LED lighting that generates power savings of up to 80% compared with halogen lights. Only state-of-the-art LEDs and energy-saving lights are used to illuminate Duravit bathroom furniture.

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