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Sustainable & durable concrete

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ACC Concrete has developed Ecocrete, an eco-friendly product that replaces the use of Portland Cement (OPC) to a higher extent without replacing any other important properties. It has a higher durability compared to OPC against external weathering loses, promotes sustainable development, increases resistance to sulphates, reduces chloride-ion penetration, and improves resistance to aggressive environments. It reduces the heat of hydration, provides excellent durability and improves workability, pumpability and placeability during concrete pours. It also reduces shrinkage & bleeding, promotes better shutter finish aesthetics and segregation.

The concrete is suitable for marine and coastal structures, dairy, fishing and meat industry structures. It is also used in industrial buildings and floors, cornice constructions, water and sewage treatments works, embankments, backfills, hydraulic fills, subgrade stabilization, pavement base, landfill covers, grouting and soil amendments.



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