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Sustainable products for the Bathroom

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Water-efficient toilets

In the 1980s, Duravit had already reduced the amount of water consumed by its toilets to six litres as opposed to the nine or more litres that were standard at the time. Duravit is today able to offer toilets that flush hygienically using just 4.5 litres or even less water. With Dual-Flush technology, a household of four can save about 17,000 litres of water per year. Pressing the economy button flushes with just half the water volume, whereas pressing the large button uses the full water volume.

Innovative urinal technology

The McDry urinal operates without any water whatsoever. A purely plant-based and thus biodegradable sealing liquid effectively prevents unpleasant odours. The siphon, like the urinal itself, is made from robust, durable sanitary ceramic. The new Architec Dry urinal does not need any water either. A hose diaphragm integrated into the outlet opens automatically when urine flows through and then closes again, effectively preventing any odours. The intelligent, electronically controlled Architec and Utronic urinals with individual flushing and service programmes guarantee high hygiene and a controlled, low water consumption of just one litre per flush.


Low energy, new materials

Numerous product innovations from the company show that sustainability in the bathroom goes far beyond simply saving water. Wherever applicable, Duravit has been using LED lighting that generates power savings of up to 80% compared with halogen lights. Only state-of-the-art LEDs and energy-saving lights are used to illuminate the bathroom furniture. Materials and surfaces with sustainable properties such as DuraCeram special ceramic, an extra robust and durable material, is used in kitchen sinks and WonderGliss ceramic coating, developed on the basis of nanotechnology reduces the amount of water and cleaning agent used.


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