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Sustainable Tile Carpets

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Interface is a global leader in the design and production of carpet tiles. It was one of the first companies to publicly commit to sustainability, when it made a pledge in the mid-nineties to eliminate its impact on the environment by 2020. Known as Mission Zero, it influences every aspect of the business and inspires the company to continually push the boundaries in order to achieve its goal.

The company’s mission is to eliminate its impact on the environment by 2020. Interface has introduced its first ever truly commercial carpet tile made from plant (or bio) based nylon. Fotosfera consists of exclusive yarn that is made from castor plant oil produced in rural communities. The product supports Interface’s strategy to reduce its reliance on virgin petro-chemical raw materials and delivers strong environmental and socio-economic benefits.

The other launch with a cutting edge design is Urban Retreat, inspired by people’s instinctive love of nature, a science known as ‘Biophilia’. The collection comes in three distinctive designs and is an elegant solution for built environments everywhere wishing to create a connection with the outside, inside.

Interface worked with world-renowned designer David Oakey, who specialises in nature inspired design, to create Urban Retreat. David was influenced by his travels around the world, where he has increasingly seen references to nature within architecture, design, products, landscape and art. The science of Biophilia explores why humans respond positively to nature, with the consensus that including natural elements in urban built environments has a healthy effect on people.

Reflecting the core elements of Biophilia, colour palettes within the Urban Retreat collection are evocative of heritage stones, forests, and savannah grasses. The tiles include patterns with soft edges, reminiscent of Lichen on a stone wall or moss in the elbow of a branch. The collection’s distinctive woven look was created with Interface’s innovative computer driven Tapestry machine, the first of its kind in Europe.

Urban Retreat includes a variety of hardwearing carpet tiles, able to withstand heavy traffic for lasting performance. The collection is available in three distinct styles, with a range of commercial colours for each product. The tiles can be mixed and matched and installed in a variety of methods to create a unique and calming interior.

Urban Retreat One

Available in three patterns, Urban Retreat One combines sharp and blurred, classic and futurist, eclectic and austere patterns. This range comes in eight colour ways in a complex primary pattern and eight boldly mixed colours in a transitional pattern. They share four accent tiles that link and separate each pattern to let imaginations run wild.

Urban Retreat Two

Urban Retreat Two includes three distinctive patterns that reflect the orderly and the organic in a restrained palette. The tiles have a simple grid and understated cord pattern mixed with an eccentric texture like the bark of an ancient tree. Mixing these patterns accentuates differences in scale, volume and movement. The range has a neutral palette of eight colour ways.

Urban Retreat Three

Urban Retreat Three evokes elegance with shimmering linen like finish that’s inspired by shifting shades with fine fissures. The three patterns in Urban Retreat Three share the same eight hues found in Urban Retreat Two. And both pair quite elegantly with Urban Retreat One.

Interface is an Exhibitor at Ecobuild 2013.

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