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Sustainable Wood

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The Forestry Innovation Consulting is the British Columbia government’s market development agency for forest products in India. Phillipa Sanderson, Director, Market Initiatives, Forestry Innovation Investment, who was also the speaker at the recently held Green Building Congress 2014 at Hyderabad, told Buildotech about Company’s initiatives in India. “The organization has been present in India for past two years and is promoting British Columbia and Canadian forest products by building relationships with importers, wood manufacturers and government agencies across the country. British Columbia has a vast forest cover and it promotes sale of forest wood to other markets through a sustainable forest management approach. US, Japan and China rank among top countries which use forest wood from British Columbia and we expect India also to become next major market as it needs to protect its limited forest reserves. British Columbia has more than 40 different varieties of tree species and among them distinct types of Cedar, Lodgepole Pine, Western Hemlock and Douglas-Fir are suitable for Indian applications. Some of the varieties have the capability to replace teak and salwood. Some varieties of Cedar start at a base price close to about a third of teak price going up depending upon the variety and the application.” She said.

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