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Reflectance & Solar Power

A usual safety concern of neighbors/cohabitants near the planned PV system installation is the glare and reflectance from PV systems. The article demonstrates that the solar glass has less glare and reflectance than other common residential and commercial glasses thus, making them safe for surrounding environments. The underlying concept of …

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Vertical solar PV systems in tropical region

With intense research and development of new solar PV technologies in recent years, improvement of conversion efficiencies and mass production has resulted in higher productivities and lower cost of solar PV modules. Dr. Jiang Fan senior lecturer at School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Singapore Polytechnic explores the potential of …

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BIPV: Solar Architecture

From refurbishments and renovations to new building projects, solar architecture can be incorporated into almost any building project using a selection of versatile solutions, says Raghunandan, Vice President-Engineering, Kotak Urja Private Limited. The Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) offers a combination of benefits such as energy production, energy demand management, possible …

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