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Remembering Correa

Almost two decades ago, as a student of architecture, Charles Correa modernist adaptation of local building styles influenced my own interpretation of what architectural design is. Today, his unexpected demise, forces us to contemplate his outlook and if we have done justice to the vision of someone, hailed as “India’s …

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Making Mumbai a Liveable city

The phenomenal urban development in Mumbai is unfortunately not being well directed.The promise of turning Mumbai into Shanghai has led to city decision makers ignore low cost optimal solutions for the urban growth. This is the whole premise of the book “Urban Growth Strategies – Mumbai Lessons” written by Prakash …

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Woman on Top

Real estate business, once considered a male bastion, is slowly opening up to women at the top levels. Varsha Satpalkar, Chief and Managing Director of Maitreya group of companies speaks to Sapna Srivastava about her own experience and the difference women professionals are making in the realty industry.

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A city in Making

The upcoming city of Lavasa is situated amidst Shayadri mountain range near the Mumbai Pune economic corridor, stretching along the Warasgaon Lake. Sapna Srivastava visited the city to find out the new principles of New Urbanism and Biomimicry, guiding the development of Lavasa and innovative technologies introduced to optimally balance nature and urban infrastructure.

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