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Waterwoods Resorts in karapura , Mysore district, Karnataka was envisioned by the client as a boutique resort facility amidst the decidious forest which is completely unified with the existing. The requirements were to design private rooms, common spaces- spa, library, gym, pool, bar, entertainment spaces, support spaces & outdoor experience. …

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Reflectance & Solar Power

A usual safety concern of neighbors/cohabitants near the planned PV system installation is the glare and reflectance from PV systems. The article demonstrates that the solar glass has less glare and reflectance than other common residential and commercial glasses thus, making them safe for surrounding environments. The underlying concept of …

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Rolta ventures in solar power sector

Rolta Power Pvt. Ltd announces its venturing in solar power sector with an installed capacity of 60 MW production line of PV modules. The company aims to manufacture A+ grade of solar photovoltaic panels and to work on a variety of ranges of solar power solutions like, solar EPC projects, …

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Chennai residents keen to adopt solar power

Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TNEDA) has received around 1,050 applications from residents of Chennai for installing up to one kW rooftop solar plants to meet domestic power needs. This initiative by the local people to opt for clean energy comes close in the wake of the subsidy scheme announced …

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China’s Solar Powered Office Complex

With China being the world leader in solar cells, it is no surprise that it also has the largest solar powered office building in the world. Located in Dezhou in the Shangdong Province in northwest China, the 75,000sqm fan-shaped structure is a multi-use building and boasts exhibition centers, scientific research …

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Energy Matters: Solar Power

Sustainable energy source solar power is a massive reservoir of clean energy. But exploiting the sun’s power is not without challenges. Dr Daman Sood, Senior Member of IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers) and Executive Committee Member of IEEE Delhi section, tells Buildotech that overcoming the barriers to widespread …

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