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Tata BlueScope Steel Launches Solar Reflectance Technology

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Tata BlueScope Steel has introduced Thermatech™ technology with COLORBOND® steel, its flagship coated steel brand. All roofs made with COLORBOND® steel will now incorporate the new Thermatech technology to boost the thermal performance without changing its appearance. The company has further expanded its colour range by adding five new colours with the high SRI values.

The new solar reflectance technology offers designers/architects an appropriate building material option to help fulfil their design brief as well as achieve their sustainability objective. The technology reduces the temperature inside the building by up to 6ºC in hot weather, depending upon the level of insulation already installed, thus reducing the need for air-conditioning. In moderate to hot climates, it can reduce annual cooling energy consumption by up to 15% as compared to roofing materials of similar colour with low solar reflectance. (The average reduction is about 5%: results differ depending on the level of insulation, building shape and function).

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