Tea House inside a quarry

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Trace architecture office (TAO) has constructed a teahouse inside an abandoned quarry in china’s shandong province. Situated near the city of weihai, the building is set within a trench formed by the excavation of local resources. Positioned at the flatter south-western part of the site, the architecture features a solid stone structure topped with a weathering steel roof terrace. the canopy takes advantage of the plot’s elevation changes to cast views out across the surrounding landscape.

TAO’s design comprises a series of volumes made from rough stone that was excavated directly from the site. these six rooms define the basic spatial structure of the teahouse, with each area containing a different function — from restrooms to storage areas. in warmer seasons, large sliding doors can be retracted, removing the boundary between internal and external space.

the building’s zigzagging profile was generated as a result of the site’s natural shape, with two internal courtyards positioned to accommodate existing trees — allowing them to coexist with the structure. accessible via a ramp, the texture of the corten roof terrace seeks to blend with the surrounding topography, forming an unobtrusive presence amid the former quarry.


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