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Tekla Training:Now in Gujarat

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Tekla India, as a part of its initiative to educate the upcoming and the existing breed of engineers and to provide quality talent pool to the construction industry, has signed an agreement with CAD Experts Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd to carry out Tekla training programs at Vadodara, Gujarat. Through this collaboration CAD Experts will provide Tekla technology training to corporate and educational sectors. Nirmalya Chatterjee, COO, Tekla India, said that with this partnership Tekla and CAD Experts would be able to produce more trained professionals on 3D BIM techonlogy which would further serve the purpose of the construction industry. The highly detailed as-built 3D models created, combined and distributed with Tekla software enable the highest level of constructability and production control. Centralizing building information into the model allows for more collaborative and integrated project management and delivery. This translates into increased productivity and elimination of waste, thus making construction and buildings more sustainable.

Tekla India had launched ”Tekla Center of Excellence” program in 2011 to create more Tekla BIM certified professionals in the industry. Tekla is also planning to open more centers across the country in coming years.

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