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The Architecture & Design summit

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The Architecture & Design summit organized in Mumbai was presented by Somany Ceramics Ltd and the Economic Times and was attended by eminent architects, consultants and developers like Bobby Mukherji, James Law, Martin Klassen, Sunita Kohli, Isabelle Miaja, Sonali Bhagwati, Surendra Hiranandani and Sunil Mantri among others. The event comprised panel discussion on varied topics like blending creativity with sustainability, the public structures reflecting growth and development in India, developers demanding design with a difference and role of architecture in designing the unique spaces. At the event, talking to Buildotech, Abhishek Somany Joint Managing Director of Somany Ceramics Limited said, “The forum is an endeavour to bring industry leaders together for a meaningful discussion on various issues related to the construction field and think on common lines to make our cities better. Vendors are an important stakeholder as they are the ones to provide products. Likewise, understanding the limitations, practical considerations, customization and development of product is very important for its correct application in a project. At Somany, we are also working towards training masons and providing vocational training to supply skilled workforce in our segment.”

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