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The cure for concrete

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Ashford Formula from Delhi based JBA Concrete Solution Pvt Ltd is a colourless, transparent, chemically reactive, water-based liquid that penetrates concrete, protecting, preserving and strengthening it. It does this by effectively penetrating the surface & solidifying the components of the concrete into one solid mass. The effect is to increase density and toughen, harden & resist moisture for the life of the concrete.


Seals the concrete floor internally through a process of densification occurs as a result of an internal chemical reaction within the concrete, which locks the pores from within. During the sealing process, any spills may penetrate the concrete surface. Therefore, regular water/detergent cleaning of the floor is recommended to accelerate the sealing process.

Hardening – It solidifies the component parts of the concrete into one solid mass, increasing the density, toughness, hardness, abrasion resistance and durability of the concrete surface.

Abrasion Resistance – The formula makes concrete abrasion resistance ASTM C 779 and increase with 32.7% in abrasion resistance.

Dust Proofs – Concrete naturally creates dust from efflorescence, which then settles on finished goods, racks and equipment. The Ashford Formula combines with the salts in concrete to become an integral part of the concrete, thus completely dust proofing the surface. This substantially reduces maintenance cost.

Application areas include warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing plants, stadiums, facility buildings, concrete blocks,car parking areas & driveways, automobile and auto ancillary industries, pharmaceutical industries & hospitals and packaging & printing industries.


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