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The Mélange

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Zucchini, an Indo-Italian fine-dining restaurant situated in Udaipur – the city of lakes. The USP of restaurant is its authentic food, which reflects the blend of cooking skills of international chefs and organic ingredients. These delicacies had to be served in very classy and unique ambience. Addressing this purpose, the architectural design practice Priyanka Arjun & Associates (PAA) based in Udaipur created soulful and inspiring spaces. Principal architect Priyanka Arjun elaborates.

Looking around at one of the busiest streets of town, the serenity of Udaipur was nowhere to be found. Hence the desire to achieve ‘classy fine dining experience’ was a challenge. A theme that could exude the charm of contemporary serenity was opted and since the cuisine was both Indian as well as Italian, the restaurant had to be a mélange of- the keywords – Classy, Calm, Chic and Contemporary.

The Outer Space

On the exterior, an elegant copper-plated Zucchini signage carves out the name from the vicinity. Coming from cobbled driveway into the screened entry space, guests slowly move into the 1850sft dining space, observing the goodness of green palms and the water body. The stone water-body with still water has a mirrored bottom surface that reflects the floating flower petals.

Once inside, guests flow into the smooth, brightly-lit dining space with contemporary Indian elements surrounding them. The space gleams in warm white to enhance the appearance of the food being served. In order to set the ‘appropriate’ mood, the interior space is well-equipped with the adjustable lighting system that helps to get the desired light intensity.

The Seating

Entire furniture is custom made locally on site. Different types of seating arrangements are made to suit all age groups and groups of people. Circular seating in the center invites young people and children, whereas groups are arranged at the buffet seating. The corner sofa seating is for relaxed four-course meals. Screen jaalis provide for privacy, and a meditative Buddha screen serves a backdrop for calmness. The hexagonal geometry is used in the ceiling, screen jaalis and display shelves.

The interiors

Spatially, the space is a 65’ deep rectangle, with a very low beam height of 8’. A hexagonal coffered ceiling with mirrorwork is employed to create an illusion of height. The spectacular result is delivered by local artisans who have spelled their magic in transforming Udaipur’s age-old mirror art into a contemporary design pattern.

An identical pattern is used in the stone-cladding on walls creating uniformity and blending all the design elements together. Stone is extensively used to create different textures; the stone cladding is in sand-blasted Gwalior Mint Stone, unpolished grey slate is used in the toilets and the water body is designed with black Kaddapa, whereas table tops are accentuated by Majestic Blue Granite.

The graphics and signage are designed in conjunction with the interior theme. The logo, menu and signage designs were also a part of the design process and carry forward the ‘Calm, Classy, Chic and Contemporary’ theme. The restaurant with its subtle and sophisticated ambience that carries a refreshing ethnic vibe, surely redefines modern fine dining experience.


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