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The Need for Vertical Parking

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Real estate developers across India are adopting advanced parking systems not only for optimum utilization of space but also highlighting it as a USP of the project. Dibyendu Banerjea CEO West Zone Pashmina Developers elaborates on the trend.

The country’s economic development and Indian’s rising aspirations has led to the progressive growth of urban mobility with nearly, 20 lakh vehicles plying on Mumbai’s roads to different destinations today. The unavoidable rise of urban mobility in the city is in an urgent need of a solution. With parking scuffles as routine phenomena among the citizens, imposing parking charges is only a temporary solution with ineffective results.

Developers too realize now that while finding a parking space on the pubic road is a hassle for the resident, it also reduces projects salability among the prospective buyers. And with only limited number of surface parking lots available in the city, the situation gets no better. Recognizing that a refined parking system is the need of the hour, government and developers alike have undertaken initiatives thereby resulting in a slow movement towards the paradigm shift in the advanced parking solutions.

Government Policy Initiatives

Parking spaces have become one of the biggest challenges for city planners and architects giving rise to a constant struggle to address the parking problems in commercial, public and residential building spaces. There have been few policies made by the government to resolve the same. For example, municipal corporations chalked out a new parking policy under which it planned to give permits to local residents to park vehicles on road. Another initiative is the introduction of barcodes on permits for on street parking to help the traffic police identify the cases of illegal parking. The authorities have also suggested uniformity on public parking charges according to areas depending on the demand of a specific area.

Technology Solutions

One innovation helping this movement is the automated parking systems. These allow vehicles to be parked without human intervention and offer greater vehicle density within a parking facility. The technologically enhanced parking solutions facilitate in accommodating more cars in the same space and reduce the surface area needed to park the same number of cars. Automated car parking uses the systems of pallets and lifts to ease the task of parking and retrieving the cars. The driver is not required to maneuver through the car park facility in search for an open slot, as the automated system requires the driver to just drop the car into the lift, assigning him a code that would later be used to retrieve the said car.

Features of automated car parking-

• Automated car parks can be situated above or below ground or a combination of both.

• Accommodates maximum cars in minimum space

• Customized parking solution

• Designed and manufactured to provide cost effective solutions

• Low maintenance and operation cost

• Enhanced safety for stationary cars

• Easy & fast parking and retrieval

Developers can consider two broad ways of automated parking solutions.

Puzzle Parking System

The puzzle parking system can be installed in various ways for above ground and underground parking. This system requires no additional architectural work and is quick to install, operate and maintain. It is tailored to suit most buildings, above or below ground and is undercover and secure means of parking that use space efficiently. This is a two level parking systems where the platforms slide horizontally thereby making it easier to park and retrieve cars, without having to remove cars on the ground floor. The number of ground level slots can be a maximum of six. One slot on the ground level needs to be kept empty.

Tower Parking System

The elevator parking system involves vertical allocation of parking zones with multiple levels of parking rooms that are arranged horizontally. The lift moves upward and downward to store and retreat the cars. Easy to maintain and reliable in operations this system is available with bottom, middle and top entrance possible. The working principle of the system is based on the movement of high-speed elevator in the tower on both sides of which are placed pallets with cars.

This system provides the fastest delivery time of the cars (50 – 70 seconds) and has a wide range of installation possibilities as per project requirement. It can be attached to an existing structure, built into the projected building or to be a freestanding erection.

Advantages of these parking systems are:

• Efficiency- Provides car parking solutions accommodating maximum cars in minimum space

• Cost effective-improves financial viability of commercial and residential developments.

• Saves Time- reduces parking and retrieval time. Saves time spend in searching for empty parking slots and time spend is searching the parked car. Retrieval on average is 2 to 3 minutes.

• Easy and cost effective maintenance- This System is cost effective in terms of maintenance over the conventional parking systems.

• Car Safety- This System provides improved security, safety for the cars. Cars parked are free from theft and damages that can be caused while parking and retrieving.

• Aesthetics-State of the art modular designs are created keeping aesthetic appeal in mind.

In the absence of sincere enforcement of legislation requiring real estate developer to provide adequate number of parking bays in their projects, residential or commercial, many developers add to the chaotic vehicle parking situation of the city. To a large extent, it is up to a developer to help mitigate the problem by adopting new age parking systems. Administered car parking means less congestion in the societies and roads. It also guarantees a disciplined system of parking cars offering an innovative hi-tech solution to an impending problem plaguing the metro cities.

Advanced parking solution is considered as one of the forerunners in road and traffic safety in India. But still very little awareness about it is available to the end users as also many realty developers. An awareness among the public, private enterprise and government agencies is required for them to realize that it is of the utmost importance to implement this technology in every project across metros and tier-I & II cities of the country as this process is not only easy to maintain and reliable in operation for car parking but can also address the security challenges facing the nation.


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