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The premium movie experience

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Cinépolis headquartered in Morelia, Mexico is the world’s fourth largest movie theater circuit and the first to pioneer the concept of premium and luxury movie theaters via its Cinépolis VIP brand. Cinépolis India, the wholly owned subsidiary of Cinépolis is the first international exhibitor in India and currently operates 193 screens. Speaking to Buildotech about Company’s second Megaplex – Cinepolis Viviana in Thane near Mumbai after Pune, Ashish Shukla, Director– Expansion at Cinepolis India elaborates on its unique concept, design and innovative technology.

What is Cinepolis VIP concept and the latest cinematic technologies introduced at .Cinepolis Viviana?

The projection and sound of all our auditoriums have the latest technology out in the worldwide market. Our Audis have a 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound having two additional audio channels, which traditionally were 5.1 channels. With these two additional sound channels, Dolby Surround 7.1 widens the director’s creative palette. It offers a much larger control and sound placement, which allows the film makers to portray more accurately what is happening on screen. With the 7.1 channels, the audio definition is improved, so the individual sound is more clear and distinctive.

In Cinepolis Viviana, we have introduced innovative concepts, such as VIP, 3D sound immersive technology Dolby Atmos, the Imax Theatre, the 4DX auditorium and are soon coming up with the Junior auditorium. Since the equipment of 4DX and IMAX are proprietary materials licensed and owned by the respective companies. So we need to provide ample lead time for them to supply the equipment to India. The maintenance is done by experts who are provided by the companies.

The VIP concept, which was created by our corporate office in 1999 is designed to pamper the movie goer in an intimate and comfortable environment starting with the opportunity to choose own seat in advance. It is equipped with premium seats that recline as per maximum body comfort, catering service with signature cocktails and gourmet menu items and at-your-seat waiter service.

The Dolby Atmos Audi offers an impressive multidimensional, sound driven experience, which flows all around the viewer. In this Audi up to 128 audio objects are simultaneously reproduced in a realistic and impressive sound rich mix that offers a personalized sound experience.

The Imax Theatre Audi has a revolutionary digital projection system with two IMAX projectors operating at the same time. The Imax movie format has a bigger precision, clarity and sound perfection due to a patented digital remastering process. The movie´s original sound is remixed in postproduction to recapture the Complete Dynamic Range.

The 4DX Audi is a digital projection system which achieves a much deeper indulgence of the patrons recreating the movie´s ambience inside the audi, such as fog, rain, wind, scents, deeper and more intense sounds, as well as vibrations and movements from the seats.


Megaplexes such as Cinepolis Viviana enable us to bring all the different movie concepts under one roof as also provide flexibility to movie goers to watch the shows at their preferred timings and in the chosen format. Cinépolis pioneered the concept of luxury cinemas and we are glad to bring the same to India. Cinepolis Viviana, the second VIP property in India provides a superior movie viewing experience to the discerning audience.

What are the trademark design elements common to all Cinepolis properties?

The height of our lobbies in cinemas is unusual. The wide space helps provoke an immensity and monumentality effect which is very appealing. Another key design element is the lighting. We lowered the lux levels and introduced colored lights, replacing the painted walls with light washed walls. We incorporated a chandelier as a central design element from which, with a combination of lights, a flashing and glitter effect that floods this space is created, giving a scenic, theatrical and dramatic effect.

What are the special features of Cinepolis Viviana?

The interior design concept created for Cinepolis Viviana was born from the idea of combining Indian personality with international design trends, to make visitors feel identified. The objective was to keep the personality of our Cinepolis Brand; fun, cool, creative, family driven, young and friendly and adapt these attributes to the identity and context of India.

Design Concept: The design process included ascertaining those space elements, technologically and design driven that defines Cinepolis, with which we express the brand´s personality and from that proceeding to do a reinterpretation. The wide and monumental spaces are characteristics of our brand and this is something we wanted to retain. The façade is a very important design element; it is a prelude to the Cinepolis experience, the dimension as well as its monumentality delivers a one of a kind experience.

Seating & Materials: We selected materials from local providers, which create an eclectic, comfortable and vibrant environment. Auditoriums feature stadium type seating which offers much more comfort and the best projection and sound experience. The layout improves the surround sound experience through widening the “Sweet Spot” (the best seats inside an audi, where the patrons can feel the sound experience at its fullest, according to the speakers’ placement).

Space Planning: The access corridor is a transition space between the lobby and the audis. The light levels are much lower, creating an intriguing environment, a prelude to something exciting that is yet to come. The other distinctive feature is the open access lobby and Coffee Tree an in-house coffee shop that can be used by not only the movie ticket buyers but any visitor can step in to sit in the lounge or relish a wide range of freshly prepared gourmet food and beverages.


At Cinepolis Viviana, we wanted to create a spectacular space to commemorate our 100 screens in India. And what best way then to employ India inspired lush forms and textures, colors and sensations, to adapt the company’s personality


Our 4K Digital Projection, offers 4 times the level of image quality than which other cinemas with 2k projectors can offer. The 4K Digital Cinema offers images with larger aspect ratio, and as a result much richer and detailed image quality.

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