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The Stylish Chimney

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Restyle your kitchen with Carysil’s newTango Duo Chimney which is a mix oflooks and performance. These chimneys comewith a double side touch control panel and aremote control for user’s ease. The powerfulsuction of 1000m3/hr can suck more smokefrom kitchen, thereby keeping it clean andodor free. Available in 60/90cm size and fivespeeds, its features include:

  • Decorative Black Tempered Glass hood
  • Air Capacity: 58dba
  • 60cm: 6X/90 cm: 8X Power Led Lighting
  • Timer Function
  • Cleaning Indicator
  • Display Screen
  • Aluminum Cassette Filters(Dishwasher Safe)
  • Air Outlet: 150 mm with 120 mm converter
  • N-RV system and Split extraction

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