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The Tree Hotel

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The Tree Hotel situated in the northern forests of Sweden is literally a bundle of rooms up in the trees. The idea behind Tree Hotel sprang as a response to the growing interest in the wild nature and ecotourism in the region. It consists of five very different rooms designed by different local architects – Tham & Videgård, Inredningsgruppen, SandellSandberg and Cyrén & Cyrén.

The Tree Hotel has a simple and delicate grip with a strong architectural identity, underlined by the cool surface, at night broken by the warm light flowing through the medium transparency of the glass. It is high tech in harsh climate at its best. To prevent accidents with birds on the move a special infrared film visible only to the birds has been applied to the glass.

The place also displays Swedish architects Tham & Videgård bearing design idea called the Mirrorcube, a 4x4x4 meter of mirrored glass reflecting the surroundings, inscribing itself into nature. Resting on a lightweight aluminum structure, attached to a single tree, the mirrored hotel is a camouflaged refuge. However it is also a futuristic and contemporary take on how to interconnect nature and architecture without reducing or highlighting one over the other.

The rooms can be accessed via a rope ladder attached to the adjacent trees. Clad in plywood the cabins offers the modern amenities such as a king size bed, a small kitchenette, bathroom, living room, a roof terrace and even heated floors filling the room with a scent of warm wood. Everything was installed by local entrepreneurs and is eco-friendly and local limiting the hotel’s carbon footprint to a minimum.


Source: designbuildsource.com.au

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