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The Capital- Making progressive and liberal statement

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The Capital when ready will be a zero discharge building and flaunt many other green features. The front facade of the building encloses an inset egg-shaped feature which will house LED panels that will not only play as a dynamic information display but also act as a functional shading device for the building’s front yard.

The entire exterior façade is of high-performance glass with UV protection. High performance DGU glass results in efficient daylight with minimum heat gain within the building envelop. The entrance to the lobby is defined with a ‘canopy and valley’ design. The ‘valley’ running along the length of the building channelizes rain-water through the ‘canopy’ and onto the ground, making it look like a waterfall.

The lobby spread over approximately 8000 sqft has a three story-high atrium which houses a reception on the third floor. The interiors, which have 100% natural Italian marble flooring are well ventilated and lit. Daylight penetration is maximized through efficient planning of the floor plate and placement of the cores. The entire building is designed to bring in natural light from all directions. In terms of artificial lighting, Bio Stieber of Singapore has designed specialty lighting along with LED Lights for the structure.

There are 16 High-Speed Passenger Elevators (2.5 metres per second), each with a 20-person capacity, and 2 Service Elevators. The “Intelligent” elevator technology guides each passenger to the designated elevator assigned to his floor at that point in time, so as to minimize travel time and optimize the functioning of the elevators. The Compass System of the elevators helps minimize wait-time and aids active traffic-response. Elevators are also equipped with CompassTM Destination entry system which is an intuitive elevator-user interface that applies smart technology to route the passengers easily and efficiently to the elevators. Compass changes the paradigm of requesting elevators. Each passenger has to enter the destination before boarding the elevator; the compass assigns a specific elevator car to each request. The system groups passengers going to common or nearby floors to the same car. The system controls number of unique stops. It offers solutions to the common customer complaints with conventional dispatching and reduces overall waiting time (especially during the morning peak/in rush of people), eliminates confusion and competition for an elevator and reduces overall passenger waiting anxiety.

The building also has four pressurized staircases (more than the regulatory requirements) for distributing the crowd during evacuation in case of fires. Refuge spaces are encased by Fire rated glass and all lifts and fire alarms are linked to the integrated IP based BMS system. There are dedicated fireman’s lift for every wing and pop out window units for smoke evacuation and fresh Air provided at 10% of the façade area.

The Capital has an advanced American BMS system to monitor efficient operation of HVAC and associated systems from anywhere in the world. The large parking system is automated. Cars left at the transfer parking area will be parked automatically in the 6-level basement-garage area which accommodates over 1000 cars.

For the building enclosure, a stepped-in glazed valley façade is created at the West elevation of the building. The facade is stepped while each floor is supported by feature columns and cantilevered in a way that the building itself acts as a shading device. An egg shape structure is inscribed inside the sky lobby at the East elevation. There are natural waterfalls and vegetations situated on both sides of the sky lobby.

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