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The UK leading the green renovation race

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The results of a new study by US consultancy McGraw Hill and engineering firm United Technologies has shown that the UK is leading the world in renovating buildings to be greener. The survey of the construction sectors in 62 countries showed that 65% of firms questioned in the UK are planning green renovation projects over the next three years – second only to Singapore globally, where 69% of firms are planning green renovation projects over the next three years. The number of green renovation projects planned in the UK is also well above the global average for green renovation projects of 50%.

The survey conducted in association with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the Chartered Institute of Building and the Association for Consultancy and Engineering in the UK also reveals that the green building sector continues to grow globally despite the economic downturn. More than half of the firms questioned (51%) said that more than 60% of their work will be in green projects by 2015, up from 28% of firms in 2012.

In addition, the survey shows the shift in thinking towards green building as a business opportunity rather than a niche market because of the improved efficiencies and long term value it offers to the bottom line. Firms report their top reasons to build sustainably as client and market demand (33% and 35%). In contrast, 42% of firms questioned in 2008 said the top reason motivating the green building market was “doing the right thing”.

“This research confirms that green building advances environmental stewardship while providing value to the market,” said Geraud Darnis, president and CEO, United Technologies Climate, Controls & Security. “It also confirms that we now see more pull than push for green buildings.”


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