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Touch-free hygiene

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Auto Power Generated & Conserved (APGC) systems by Vision Hygiene Systems Pvt. Ltd, for Auto Urinal Flushing, Auto Taps and Auto Toilet Flushing do not require battery or electric power, as is the case in auto- taps and automatic flushing systems. APGC generates the power itself through the technically advanced micro-chip and conserve the power to enable the systems to work 24/7 without interrupting the continuous power-supply for better performance.

The systems are virtually maintenance free as there is no load on any electronic component due to which huge savings occur in the maintenance and replacement of parts etc. Only filter in the solenoid valve has to be cleaned to remove the impurities in water. Cleaning period depends on the quality of water i.e. every six months or a year. The power generator and conserver installed in this system ensures one million cycles of usage. It generates power and conserves it for multiple usages with constant and steady power supply which increases the life of the systems.

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