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Transparent OLEDs from Osram

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Osram introduces a luminaire in the form of the Rollercoaster designer luminaire featuring industry mature, transparent OLEDs for the first time.

It has the appearance of a glass and metal sculpture in switched-off state and is transformed into a luminous element of design when switched on, reminiscent of a roller-coaster with its möbius form.

The product is 30 wide-area light sources developed as part of the TOPAS2012 research project supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and each has a luminous surface of 18 x 6.5cm. Efficiency of 20lm/W with a transmission (‘transparency’) of 57% was achieved for the first time for transparent OLEDs of this size.

OLEDs unite the photometric benefits of both direct and indirect lighting. Panels and the luminaire itself were developed at the Osram location of Regensburg in Germany.

OLEDs are expected to be the primary choice for transparent, wide-area light sources in the future, because in contrast to LED they emit wide-area light directly, so that efficiency losses from the conversion of ‘point-sourced’ to ‘wide-area’ light no longer occur. In addition, OLEDs are not dim but absolutely brilliant and clear.

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