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Ultra-Efficient System Air-Conditioning Solutions

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HVAC industry in India is growing in terms of the technology, product offering and awareness about energy efficiency and savings amongst the customers. Air-conditioners are no longer a luxury product. LG Electronics recently launched a fourth generation of Multi V systems. M P Agarwal, Vice President – System Air-Conditioners, LG Electronics talks about the company’s latest offering in the industry.

Trends in HVAC industry

Air-conditioning has become a necessity for domestic, process and industry purposes. Most processes are now electronic and for an optimum electronic function there is a need for a dust free atmosphere which can be achieved only in an enclosed environment. In turn, an enclosed environment would need to be made comfortable with the aid of good indoor air quality and HVAC systems.

Since such systems have become a necessity, the customer looks for a system which gives them better efficiency, less noise, more comfort, less space and is reliable. Based on these parameters LG offers a good product which is a value innovation and is efficient. We believe in building relationships, retaining the customers and providing a good after sales service for the life of the product.

What is the Multi V Technology?

Multi V is known by different names in the market – it is commonly known as variable refrigerant flow (VRF). However LG markets the system as Multi V and LG is now offering the fourth generation product of this series. Multi V IV has the best COP (coefficient of performance) and gives the highest efficiency product in the country. LG manufactures the entire range including the Multi V Mini, Multi V Space, Multi V Water, Multi V VHU, Multi V III and Multi V IV. It is a full Inverter based technology and is in response to the industry trend of shifting from the current situation of digital based technology to the inverter based technology.

Without using large distribution ducts, the Multi V system reduces losses that are unavoidable in other systems. It uses optimized scroll or rotary compressors, specially designed heat exchangers and inverter technology to minimise energy consumption to levels previously unattainable by non-VRF systems. The modular design offers comfort on demand allowing the choice to use the system only in the zones where it is needed further promoting reduced energy consumption.

The system is 20-25% more effect than similar products in the industry. The Multi V IV integrates energy efficiency and sophisticated new technologies. It has a 4.78 coefficient of performance (COP) rating. Building on the advanced capabilities and efficient operation of its predecessor – the successful Multi V III – the new system minimizes energy loss under partial load conditions and reduces defrosting times via a clever Continuous Heating function.

The system offers superior load matching, preventing constant cycling or large temperature swings. Voltage fluctuations are common in the North and South of India, therefore tight temperature control through precise load matching ensures maximum comfort, efficient operation, and superior dehumidification. The modular design of the system results in superior energy savings giving occupants the choice to air condition or heat only the zones in use. The LG Multi V offers individual zoning to insure owner or tenant comfort.


We at LG are very alert about the changing needs of our consumers and understand that for a domestic user — lower power bills mean energy efficiency.

– M P Agarwal


The Multi V variable refrigerant flow air-conditioning systems are engineered for sustainable green buildings and provide opportunities for designers to claim numerous LEED® prerequisites and points.

The range in this series

The other system based on the Multi V technology is the Multi V Water IV. This is a water-cooled air conditioning solution and is particularly well suited for high-rise HVAC applications. This fourth generation inverter compressor functions effectively and efficiently, boasting a 5.5 COP when cooling or heating. Additionally, the Multi V Water IV is 26% more efficient in partial load conditions than other chillers on the market. It registers an integrated part load value (IPLV) of 6.73. Better still, LG’s original shell- and coil-type heat exchanger, tailored to perform in India’s unique condition, can be removed and washed separately for greater convenience.

The water-cooled Multi V Water IV’s heat exchanger is also able to offer consistent performance, regardless of local water quality. Operational efficiency has also been improved via a range of intelligent functions, and installation is now easier thanks to reduced dimensions and overall weight.

Meanwhile, LG is moving into the inverter market with its new Single Inverter CAC. The product is designed for air conditioning applications in commercial spaces such as offices and retail stores. It delivers advanced seasonal energy efficiency with a COP of 3.65 and stable, convenient operational modes. Moreover, the Single Inverter CAC boasts advanced compatibility features to allow outdoor units to work with a variety of indoor units, including ceiling cassettes, ceiling concealed ducts and ceiling and floor consoles. This translates into reduced installation costs.


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