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Understanding A/V Design

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Sawan Nichani, Founder & Director of MacBee, a New Delhi-based home technology installation company is a training instructor for CEDIA and as of last year, the first Indian member to be voted on to the CEDIA Board by the industry. Nichani is also the instructor at the Home Acoustic Alliance and Images Science Foundation. He elaborates on the A/V segment in India.

CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, is the leading global authority in the home technology industry. Such organizations play a very important role in emerging markets like ours. CEDIA brings international experience and standards via special training events for the members. This makes sure that we are following the same industry standards being followed in other countries and the members remain updated with the latest in technology.

The Indian A/V segment is growing drastically. Over last few years, clients have raised the bar in their expectations and knowledge about the technology available and integration companies are constantly upgrading themselves with the global trends. The homeowners that we deal with though are HNI’s, they are not necessarily aware of the role of right acoustics, but they do show interest and understand really fast. While, there is more awareness now than ever, and home owners realize the importance of having the right integration partner what is required is the involvement of home technology professional in the project at an early stage.

When I ventured into this business, I thought that it would be hard for people to understand what I do. However, from the moment that I explain that I can provide them with a lifestyle where they can enjoy high quality A/V in their homes, control their lighting from a touch panel while they sit on the sofa and check the security of their property on their iPhone while on holiday, they are intrigued.

Unfortunately, there is not much awareness amongst architects and design professionals on correct acoustics or available technologies. To be fair on them, it’s not their job to know, it’s our jobs to bring that to the table. What architects and design professionals need to do is to have the right technology experts involved during the design process. It is very important to plan the correct room dimensions for Home Cinema, Rack Rooms, etc.

Technology makes things simpler to use and life easy. Gone are the days when people had to use 6-8 remotes to use their systems; everything now is at a touch of a button. The emerging home audio/visual integration systems include Multi-Room Audio (Music in every room with a central server/ control) which is most popular. Besides, there are companies now focusing on artificial intelligence and voice control systems for the home. The challenges in implementation & maintenance.

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