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Underwater lighting

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Illuminiation India, a CE certified LED lighting company is offering double grew based underwater fixtures. The IP 68 products have been designed to fit into the adverse environment like normal water, chlorinated water, salt water and the fittings strictly go by the international standards. The fittings are made up of high quality SS 304/316 or Aluminium as per the site requirement and budget with proper disclaimers. The inner core of the fitting is filled with high quality hardener and resin with appropriate chemical properties in a predefined proportion for irreversible solidification process. The settlement time of the same is 8-10 hour. The openings are further sealed with premium quality silicon to prevent water leakage through holes. The hardener used inside the fitting is electrically non-conductive. At the same time it is heat conductive so as to allow the heat to disperse inside water through the fixture.

The product consists of 12 high power LEDs with total lumens output of 1200 while the lux varies as per the transparency of water. At a driving current of 350mA with 6 LEDs in series with two parallel tracks this also adheres to the IS 3553-1966 standards of maintaining the voltage below the permissible limit 48v. The total output of the light is 15w (including driver) with a beam angle of 15/25/40/60 as per the area coverage. The fitting that needs to be mounted has screw holes on the rear side and an outer dia of 160mm. The driver provided with the fittings are IP67 branded.

The fixtures are available in 3w, 6w, 9w, 12w and 18w, while an additional SS CAP can be added to make it a concealed fitting. The fitting can be given Aluminum, SS, Brash or White powder coated finish irrespective of the materials used.


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