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Unusual design for affordable housing

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Xrbia Developers along with Architect Hafeez Contractor has entered the affordable housing segment with their unique design, which optimizes living spaces to address the needs of an ever-growing population. The contemporary design offers solutions to two of today’s most challenging problems: how to conserve space and how to help save the environment. The goal is to build aesthetically designed, compact and harmonious homes that optimally use natural lighting and ventilations techniques, while maintaining ecological sensitivities. The project will have low concrete consumption and eliminate bricks. The structure will be earthquake, flood, rodent, and fire resistant.

The design focuses on smarter space utilization and use of local materials. Another distinctive feature of XRBIA houses is that all structures will be green buildings with their LEED, GRIHA & MOEF certifications. The developers have acquired technological expertise to build apartment complexes of G + 3 floors in just 90 days, using “MyOne” technology that shortens the turnaround time of project completion and thus a new benchmark in the industry.


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