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Upcycle House

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Realdania Byg, a Danish foundation has developed and constructed a single-family house with Lendager Architects called Upcycle House conveying the principles of upcycling in a tangible and clear example. The load bearing structure consists of two prefabricated shipping containers with plumbing and wiring for the bathroom and the kitchen and holes cut for the windows. The roof and facade cladding is made from recycled aluminium soda-cans. Facade panels, consist of postconsumer recycled granulated paper, which is pressed together and heat-treated. The kitchen floor is clad in tiled champagne cork-leftovers, and the bath tiles are made from recycled glass. Walls and floors are covered with OSB-panels consisting of wood-chips that are bi-products of various production sites, pressed together without glue. The house looks and functions like a contemporary house built of conventional materials without radiating a recycled look. The upcycling of materials reduced the CO2 emissions associated with construction by 86%, compared to a benchmark house.


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