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UPVC in India

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Germany based VEKA AG commenced operations in 1969 as a manufacturer of shutters in Sendenhorst, Germany and today is a leading player in the uPVC industry. The Group has 25 subsidiaries in three continents around the world. Its manufacturing facilities are spread across Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Poland, USA, Russia and Mexico. Rajesh Chawla, Director, VEKA India briefs on Company’s growing presence in India.

VEKA AG is the world’s second largest extruder of un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) profiles used for windows and doors. Internationally, more than 2200 fabricators use VEKA systems to create top-quality uPVC products. VEKA India is the fully owned subsidiary of VEKA AG and has completed ten years of operations.

In 2003, we began with a modest sales office in Gurgaon, NCR and in the same year bagged our first high performance windows order with the American Embassy in New Delhi. In 2004 we set up our own windows fabrication unit in Navi Mumbai and within two years upgraded the fabrication system with high-performance German machines. In 2008, VEKA India opened a warehouse for profiles and accessories and four years later set-up the facility in Navi Mumbai with a massive investment of USD $2.5 million.

During this period, the company crossed another milestone by partnering with s Asahi Glas (AIS), one of India’s biggest glass companies, for their uPVC windows business. A year later, in 2013, we set up India’s first Windows Testing Rig brought down from Germany which defines the standards of our products. A

year ago we introduced a new series of profiles for residential projects branded – ‘WHS Halo’, It was popularly received by several renowned developers across India in their upcoming projects. Recently, we have set up a state-of-the-art windows application center and simultaneously expanded our product portfolio with an entirely new range of windows and doors profile systems in both the premium and project categories. All VEKA profile systems confirm to international standards viz. DQS, BIS, BBA, IFT Rosenhiem, RAL, ASTM and are available across all major cities including NCR, Jaipur, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Hyderabad, Vizag, Bangalore and Chennai.

In the ten years of our existence in India, the company has come a long way in bringing uPVC window and door profiles to the consumer, educating and raising awareness with the help of our partners and a wide network of fabricators. Today, a majority of developers as well as stand-alone residences are opting for uPVC profiles against the traditional wood or aluminum frames for their windows and doors needs. This segment, although is growing, will require a few more years to become commonly known and to create a paradigm in the world of windows and doors.

Current market trends in India

Currently the door and window profiles in India are dominated by aluminium and wood. Also the fabrication is very primitive. World over, uPVC profile is the default choice. This not only provides greater durability, but also offers stunning looks and ultimate energy efficiency by entirely keeping out noise, dust, heat or cold. uPVC profiles also are more cost effective than aluminium and wood when compared apple to apple. The advantages of uPVC doors & windows are:

  • Highly durable uPVC material for profiles.
  • Well designed, multi chamber profiles for the highest sealing against Sound & Heat Insulation.
  • Highly inert to the harsh weather of the tropical regions like India.
  • No cracking, deformation, yellowing or rusting of profiles.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Suitable for the highest Leed rating of buildings.

The product portfolio

The company offers an unparalleled choice in windows and doors systems to suit both individual and project needs. VEKA’s premium series offers innovative solutions. Some of the top line Window systems include ‘Tilt & Turn’, ‘Top & Bottom Hung’, ‘Crank operated’, ‘Lever operated solutions’, ‘Pivoted or reversible’ among others. In Doors the company offers ‘Sliding & Folding’, ‘Lift & Slide’, ‘Tilt & Slide’, ‘Special combinations’ among the more popular choices. VEKA also offers its expertise on Wood Finishing and Colored Special Solutions with ‘Lamination on Colored profiles’, ‘3 Wood Grain Shades’, ‘Aluminum thresholds for flush door sills’ among others.

We recently introduced a new range of profiles system in the Indian market. Categorized into two segments viz. VEKA Premium and VEKA Projects. The Premium range is a mix of class ‘A’ and class ‘B’ profiles and the Projects range consists of class ‘B’ & ‘C’ profiles and are classification categories accepted globally. While the new range in Premium stocks the most extensive selection of windows and doors to match the design and utility functions, the new offering in Projects system, is specifically for residential projects, custom developed to cater to the requirements of urban living.

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