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uPVC Windows and the 5 S principle

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uPVC windows have become the windows of choice for many people who are either considering replacing their existing windows or perhaps are in the process of constructing a new home. Arun Sharma, Country Head, Aluplast India explains why windows made from uPVC are the market leaders now.

Windows and Doors fabricated out of uPVC profiles are fully customized. The profile systems are most flexible and versatile to cater to most of the practical needs.

uPVC profile systems are specially designed to cater entirely to the 5 S principles – Safety, Security, Solar – Thermal, Sound, and Sustainability.

Security mainly comes from:

a. Steel: which is used inside the uPVC systems to reinforce the strength of the systems.

b. Hardware: locking mechanism etc.,

Even if both steel and hardware are of best quality, the windows can fail under critical security threats if the PVC system is not of good quality. Glass is also an important component. Therefore, the whole system has to be looked in totality.

uPVC being practically non conductive, is one of the best solutions for thermal and sound insulation. If the thermal conductivity (U Value) of aluminium is 7.00W/m2K, aluplast systems are designed for U value of less than 1.5W/m2K. Aluplast uPVC system can also achieve a noise level reduction up to 55db. Of course, Glass has to be of the same insulation level. uPVC windows with properly constructed frames and quality – double or triple glazing, will assist homeowners in soundproofing their properties.

uPVC is mainly engineered in Germany and the standards follow EN (European Norms). The windows are tested by ift Rosenheim, the reputed testing institute in Germany. It has signed an MoU with International Fenesration Forum in India.

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