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Vaastu inspired laminates

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Greenply Industries Limited launched the New Mika 2012-13 range Vaastu Kutumbakam – vaastu inspired laminates. The newly introduced collection is in sync with Samridhi (Enrichment), Swasthya (Health), Anand (Joy) and Sukh (Happiness). The collection introduces 36 new offerings under the Finishes, Abstracts and Woodgrains pattern. It combines the auspiciousness of Vaastu Shaastra with the stylish designs bringing in the new trends. Inspired by Samridhi (Enrichment), the Abstracts range is aimed at bringing thoughts in harmony with nature while with Saubhagya (Prosperity, the Finishes range presents enchanting finishes of laminates. The laminates are also available in Raw, Pure and Wood grain textures.

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