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Viega Sanpress Inox

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Drinking water installation

When dealing with drinking water, materials of the highest quality are required. The stainless steel material 1.4401 (SUS 316) of Viega’s Sanpress Inox system offers this quality and can be used with all kinds of drinking water, even under the strictest of conditions, as long as disinfection is carried out correctly.

Gas installation

Absolute safety is paramount in gas installation. Sanpress Inox G fulfils this requirement with its high-quality stainless steel material and press connector with the HNBR sealing element. The sizes 15mm to 108mm can be used for natural and liquid gas while, sizes 15mm to 54mm can be used in heating oil and diesel fuel applications.

Viega press technology & SC-Contur

At the heart of the Sanpress Inox system is the Viega press technology with SC-Contur. The connectors are pressed with Viega’s light and practical press tools in a matter of seconds and are permanently secure without the danger of fire and time-consuming fire prevention measures.

Using Viega press technology, even time-consuming installations in sizes up to 108mm can be completed by cost-effective one-man assembly. Also a pipe connection in narrow ducts or floor openings is possible without any problems thanks to the hinged press jaw.

As un-pressed connections carry a high safety risk, Viega press connectors utilize certified Viega SC-Contur, identifiable by a coloured marking on the crimp of the press connector. The SC-Contur causes un-pressed connections to be noticed (the medium visibly leaks out of the system when it is being filled). As a further improvement of the SC-Contur, Viega is the first in the sector to guarantee that a complete system can be tested centrally by a manometer (provided that the entire installation has been fitted with the SC-Contur). If connectors are unintentionally left un-pressed, the media escapes and leads to a pressure drop on the manometer.

Alongside the SC-Contur, double pressing and the cylindrical pipe guidance are two additional safety factors of Viega’s press technology. Viega press tools carry out two pressings simultaneously – one in front of the crimp and one behind it thereby, providing a long-lasting connection which is torsion proof and longitudinally force locked. Moreover, to protect the high-quality sealing element against damage during assembly, every Viega press connector has cylindrical pipe guidance. Shailesh B. Khamar, Country Head, Viega India says, “Viega has proven itself in the area of high-end material and technology. Among other applications, it is also used in industrial cooling, water piping and compressed air systems. Though the market share of international piping system companies in India is very small, there is enough awareness among the professional about international products and they are increasingly recommending it to their customers. Major developers across India are installing Viega piping systems in residential buildings such as Hiranandani Constructions and Wadhwa Developers in Mumbai, DLF, Delhi, Panchshil Realty, Pune and JP Greens in Noida among others.“


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