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Villa style living in Pune

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Developed by Amar Builders & INC Developers, Manhattan is an upscale residential development in Baner, Pune. It was recently awarded the ‘Realty Plus Excellence Awards’ for the category ‘Architect of the Year (Residential).

The client brief was to create homes that would give an ambience of a bungalow with an added advantage of high end technology, easy maintenance and environment sensitive design. The designers of the project Pritika Kinra, Founder & Principal Architect of Moco Design Studio, Pune adopted “Less is More” design philosophy with the use of different materials, textures and hues to provide modern aesthetics & eco-friendly features. The apartments are planned with three separate zones, one each for entertainment, privacy and service as well as a provision for private pool on the terrace.

The project houses two apartments per floor which share’ no common walls between them, ensuring complete privacy from each other. All the units have floor to ceiling height of 12 feet and 9 feet UPVC windows that ensure natural daylight and reduces artificial lighting requirement. Texture paint is used on the building exterior surface to give it permanent and easy to maintain finish. The apartments are oriented so as to get the maximum benefits of natural ventilation as also the picturesque view of Baner Hills. To maximize the efficiency of services, apartments are connected with a central core that houses elevators, service corridors and the staircase.

On the exterior, the apartment terraces are alternated to give each terrace double height giving a grand and massive form to the building elevation. A colour palette in warm hues of Whites and Grey has been used throughout the project to give the structure an upscale feel. Interiors of common areas have stark dark and white modern palette and walls of the lobby are clad with the cityscapes of Manhattan city to bring in the feel of this New York area.

The building has provision for rain water harvesting. It also has vermiculture pits from where the manure is used in the landscaped gardens. Solar panels have been installed on the building’s terrace. Much attention to detail has been paid to greening the outdoor area of the project to maintain built areas connect with the surrounding environment. Thus, trees play a pivotal role in landscaping. Black Olive trees have been used in the promenade while the front courtyard is lined with Frangipani trees. Clusters of Areca Catechu, a kind of palm tree have been planted in groups to act as a separator between the service area and party hall area. And, Cassia Fistula has been used in the rear periphery as a continuation of plush green surrounding. The play area for children is designed with rubber flooring and sand to create eco-friendly, low maintenance yet a bright & exciting space. In addition, the lawn area encloses a pond which has lotus grown in it. It has been designed keeping hygiene as the prime focus.


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