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Water Efficient Products to Combat Global Water Shortages

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Megan C Lehtonen

Consumption of water in buildings constitutes a sizeable proportion of total water demand, calling for urgent and immediate measures for conservation practices. Increasing population, high rate of urbanization and associated changes in lifestyles all contribute toward rising water demand. There is a need to look for opportunities to conserve water, one of the world’s most precious gifts: Megan C Lehtonen Senior Vice President The IAPMO Group, USA writes on the need to use water efficient products to achieve water savings. Also contributing to the article are Dr. Abdul Matheen and Anjali Singh of IAPMO India.

Water savings can be achieved through out industry by a combination of behavioral change, modifying and/or replacing equipment with tested and certified water saving equipment, to reducing overall water consumption and increasing internal reuse. To assure these strategies, and to optimize water and minimize costs, it is important to assess current water use and set personal benchmarks. Perhaps a stronger component in the fight is to reduce industrial water consumption as a means of major waster use reduction. Over the past decade industrial water use accounted for nearly 10% of global freshwater withdrawals. The majority of industrial water use comes from the cooling of power plants. This factsheet provides an overview of how to save and use water more efficiently in industries.

Dr. Abdul Matheen

The predicted and imminent water shortages of many countries around the world, including India (as shown in the graph), can be lessened by selecting and installing efficient water consuming products such as taps (including faucets and showerheads) along with water efficient plumbing fixtures such as clothes washers, dishwashers, urinals and water closets (toilets) so that as part of a global effort, many countries have contributed towards helping resolve this issue by following in-country water efficiency guidelines and programs like WELS in Australia and EPA’s Watersense in the USA to help to reduce drastic water shortages to societies.

UIPC-I certification

The Uniform Illustrated Plumbing Code-India (UIPC-I) is a nationally recognized code developed by IAPMO and the Indian Plumbing Association to assist in the standardization of the industry for performance, conservation and best practices. The code is updated and published in three – year cycles, and is used as a guidebook for installation, training, and the certification of products. It is of utmost importance that product listing certifications from a third party listing agency, preferably one that is an accredited certification body, be provided to the official for review so that correct decisions to subsequent product installation permits and/ or approvals can be made. Along with the standard set of codes and guidelines for any industry, equally as important is an efficiency rating scheme, similar to energy star for electrical products.

Anjali Singh

The water efficiency rating scheme to refer to in INDIA is WEPI. Water Efficient Products – India, is a three-star scheme showcasing a product’s water efficiency level. Green buildings are the future for India, and with the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC,) India is leading the way with massive targets for the future for the greenest footprint the world over. This all results in the demand for products that can showcase their water efficiency – so consumers and builders alike have a choice when installing new product

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