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Waterproofing admixture

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To meet the growing market for waterproof concreting and Ready Mix Concrete ( RMC’S) Mumbai based Choksey Chemicals P. Ltd has tied up with British Company Cormix International Limited and is offering Conmix H2O Stop, an Integral Waterproofing Admixture by Crystallization. This is a high grade easy to handle integral waterproofing admixture for both waterproofing and concrete corrosion protection. The admixture uses unique nanotechnology to chemically modify cement matrix, reacting with the cement paste and producing non soluble crystalline structure to reduce pores and capillary size.

The product is available in liquid as well as powder form giving several advantages such as sealing hairline cracks upto 0.4mm and making concrete waterproof throughout. The concrete mix is protected against chloride and sulphate ingress and improves the chemical and carbonation resistance. It acts as a permanent solution by waterproofing integrally and reducing the opportunity for freeze thaw damage. It can also withstand Hydrostatic pressure and can therefore be applied on potable water tanks / structures since it is a non toxic in nature.


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