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Waterproofing cum insulation aggregates

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GBC India, a Green Building Centre set up in Ahmedabad, has introduced the effective use of wastes like rice husk Ash (RHA), fly ash, lime and other eco-friendly material to be used as light weight aggregates known as Nodullär. This acts as a replacement of brick bats, IPS or mud phuska traditionally used as over deck applications. The nodullär -light clay aggregates overcome problems on adopting traditional methods like unnecessary load , imposed on the building, cracks that reappear due to temperature variations, damages to mother slab on repair and non-availability of good quality bricks.

The nodullär aggregates are round in shape with coarse texture, are pelletized and processed resulting in light, porous and aerated modules with a tough outer shell. Used for roof/heat insulation, the nodullär balls also act to form of geometric barrier which helps displace and irradiates heat over a larger surface area.

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