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Waterproofing Membranes

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Modern Waterproofing Company is a part of the Modern Group of Companies, an Industrial Group based in Cairo. It manufactures, APP & SBS modified bituminous waterproofing membranes. Alok Kumar, Managing Director of Bitumode International Pvt Ltd speaks to Buildotech.


What are the different products offered by the Modern group? What are the applications?

The Modern Group has two Indian subsidiaries Modern Bitumode Private Limited (MBPL) and Bitumode International Private Limited (BIPL). MBPL is the trading company and BIPL will be into manufacturing. Presently, the Group has three operating industrial plants in Egypt and a fourth and fifth plant is under construction in Qatar & India respectively. The Group is in partnership with Citadel Capital, one of the Middle East’s largest private equity investment firms with assets of over $ 8.3 billion.

The Modern Group manufactures –

APP & SBS modified bituminous waterproofing membranes with cold flexibility from +5° C till -20° C. We have Bitumode range of APP membranes and Hyperflex range of SBS waterproofing membranes.

Bitumode is a line of polymer-modified bitumen waterproofing membrane that is modified by A tactic polypropylenes (APP) polymer and APAO thus guaranteeing superior performance under various conditions. The membrane reinforcement is either spun bonded non woven polyester mat (P) or reinforced glassfiber mat (G). Both the types provide high dimensional stability and are resistant to chemicals. Membranes are also available with composite reinforcement.

Bitumode has five sub brands of APP waterproofing membrane such as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Roflex. APP membrane is an enhanced features waterproofing membrane. It can be applied virtually anywhere where torch applied modified bitumen membrane, subject to high mechanical stresses and physical properties are specified. It is also suitable for application where good cold flexibility features are required and are also recommended for structures subject to high water pressure.

Applications include:

• Single layer roofing system for high performance requirements

• Double layer system for basements, tunnels and underground structures subject to high water pressure

• Double layer roofing system

• Toilets and wet area inside buildings

• Retaining walls

• Under raft foundations

• Bridge deck waterproofing

• Lining of flower box

Waterproofing of green area in roofs (for anti-root type)

Hyperflex is a high performance polymer-modified bitumen waterproofing membrane. Membranes are modified by Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS), thus guaranteeing high flexibility under very low temperature. The addition of SBS polymer to Bitumen increases the flow characteristic and improves the low temperature flexibility and fatigue resistance of membranes. Compared to APP modified Membranes, SBS modified membranes have higher elongation, tensile strength, fatigue failure etc. It is preferable to use SBS Membranes in case of irregular shapes, uneven shapes. Because of these reasons, Hyperflex is a privileged type with regard to high elasticity and flexibility and therefore it is recommended for foundation. Hyperflex is reinforced with composite polyester (P) of non woven polyester armoured with glass fiber filaments which provides high mechanical properties & dimensional stability.

Hyperflex can be applied in:

– Single layer roofing system subject to low temperature

– Foundations and underground structures subject to movements

Polyester & Geotextile:

Polyester (PET) nonwovens for geotextiles and for bituminous membranes reinforcement are produced using the spun bond technology (continuous filament) which is an advanced technology that enables it to produce mats that are superior in all parameters to the traditional staple fiber-based technology.

The products can be used as geotextiles which are used as filter fabrics, for soil reinforcements, or for irrigation and drainage projects and pipe protection.

Also, the products can be used as the carrier (reinforcement) of bituminous waterproofing membranes.

XPS Foam Sheets for Thermal Insulation:

Modern Plastics Company, The XPS foam insulation is used to insulate buildings from the heat of the sun, thus providing energy savings and comfort for the occupants of the buildings.

How big is the company’s presence in India. Can you give a brief about the company and its entry into India?

Roflex & Bitumode Range of APP Membranes has been widely used in India for over eight years in commercial & infrastructure projects (both govt. & private projects) either on its own brand name or private labels (leading Indian waterproofing brands). As you may already know, we are currently serving our clients in 40 countries worldwide from our plant in Egypt. However, our medium term strategy is to decentralize our production operations in order to be closer to our clients.

Our plant in Dahej International Economic Zone at Bharuch, Gujarat is under construction. We plan to set up two continuous lines. The first line which will be set up now will have a production capacity of13 million sqmt. We have also begun the construction of another plant in Qatar to serve the GCC market. We have already set up offices and warehouses in India to ensure that customers can buy the products in India in Indian currency. Presently, we are sourcing the products from our Cairo unit till the time the production starts in India.

Modern is among the leading exporters of APP Waterproofing Membranes to India. Product range being promoted here is manufactured to suit the Indian conditions. This needs expertise gained over multiple years viewing the complexity involved in manufacturing APP & SBS membranes. We have streamlined our processes and products to suit diverse environmental conditions in over past few decades.

How big is you market penetration and how are you planning to expand?

We are still restricted to the major metro cities in India but we have now taken initiatives to expand to class B & C cities. We plan to have four Zonal offices apart from our head office at Delhi NCR. We are in the process of appointing dealers and authorized applicators in all the major cities in India.

Currently, are promoting Bitumode range of products in India. Crystalcrete and Acrymode has not been introduced in India.


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