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Waterproofing Solutions

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The high rise structures in urban areas today are going below grade for parking and provision of utility areas. There are now three to four level basements in many buildings which also become the key areas for waterproofing needs. Preetham, National Sales Head, MYK Schomburg India Pvt Ltd briefs on the critical aspects of waterproofing applications and specialty products available in India.

Importance of selecting the correct product for a particular application.

To avail the best benefits of the product one has to clearly know and understand the product and the site conditions, based on which the correct product specification should be recommended. For example the terrace area of a building with limited foot traffic needs to be waterproofed with a product which is applied on the surface and has UV resistant properties however, a wet area waterproofing would require a completely different product.

As waterproofing is critical in ensuring buildings durability we all need to be extremely cautious in using the right product. Apart from the quality aspect, the applicator should be fully aware of all relevant and pertinent details of the structure / area which need to be waterproofed and accordingly to which the right system can be specified. Pre and post product application is also important to get the best results of the product. Following the product specifications to the last detail will ensure no compromises are made during the execution time.

Creating awareness, training the applicators and technical support

With rapid developments in technology, it is imperative to empower masons and applicators through training programmes and to keep them fully abreast of the changing trends and techniques. MYK Schomburg conducts regular training program called “TIPS” (Technical Inputs for Promoting Sales) at regular intervals throughout the year. This training is extended to all company employees and Channel Partners. It is vital that they are equipped with the best technical knowledge to meet the demands of the client in terms of technical support, pre & post-sale of the product. We provide technical support to ensure the products are applied well and the desired results are achieved.

Apart from the workforce, the design professionals and building owners too need to be made aware of the new developments in the segment. The system providers like us conduct seminars/workshops in various cities for the design fraternity to update them on the new waterproofing products and technologies available.

Challenges facing the Indian waterproofing industry

The key challenge is the lack of awareness of the importance of waterproofing for any built structure. Most building owners even for commercial projects still set aside a very minimalistic budget for waterproofing. This has a lot of bearing on the workmanship as contractors executing the job are limited by the budget and use inferior products rather than products/ systems best suited for the purpose. There is a gradual change happening but we still have a long way to go.

Global waterproofing practices that should be adopted in India

We can look at various products globally like the Polyurea, PVC membrane’s etc. which have been quite popular off late in global markets. Most important practice which we need to adopt in India is to give thorough importance to methodology, application techniques and post application procedure/precautions which will definitely help in getting the best results in waterproofing. With a lot of companies vying for LEED points, the trend of eco-friendly waterproofing products is also getting popular world over.

Company’s leading products in this segment

MYK Schomburg is a joint venture of Schomburg, Germany and MYK group of Hyderabad. Schomburg, Germany was established in 1936 and Indian Operations of MYK Schomburg was started on 2006. All our product are eco-friendly. Apart from the range of self leveling epoxies, PU coatings, floor hardners, repairs & restoration products, grouts & anchors, our other leading products are:

• MYK Aquafin IC – Crystalline System

• MYK Aquafin 2C- 2 Component cementicious Acrylic based System

• MYK Aquafin 1K – Single Component cementicious System

• MYK Coat WPU 1K – Single Component Polyurethane coating System

• MYK Saniflex – Single Component Elastomeric System

Admixture & Surface treatment products include:

• Entire range of SNF based Plasticizers / Super Plasticizers – MYK Savemix 111 / MYK Savemix 200

• Entire range of PC based Plasticizers / Super Plasticizers – MYK Remicrete PC 10 / MYK Remicrete PC 20

• Accelarators / Retarders / Air Entraining Admixtures

• Entire Range of Curing compounds (Wax based / Polymer based / Resin based)

• Entire Range of Mould Release Agent


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