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Waterproofing systems

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Crack Injection System

As a principle, the grouting injections systems should be selected based on the crack or cavity width. The following materials can be selected from the MC-Bauchemie Range – for cracks ≥ 2mm width – Centricrete and for cracks > 0.2 to 2mm width – MC-DUR 1264 Epoxy System.

Centicrete is a ready to use, hydraulically setting and polymer modified waterproof grout for injection and filling of cracks and cavities. It is produced with carefully selected water repellent and silicifying chemical compounds and inert fillers to achieve water impermeability, non-shrinkage, free flow etc. It creates an integral waterproof barrier and prevents water penetration and rising dampness. The product is suitable for gravity as well as pressure grouting and is pumpable when the water-powder ratio is about 0.45 to 0.50 i.e. for 30Kgs Centricrete, 13.5 to 15 litre of water.

MC-DUR 1264 is a two component, low viscosity epoxy injection resin for structural repair of cracks. This method of application varies from simple brush treatment to sophisticated two component pressure injection machines. Its application time depends on the amount of resin mixed and the ambient temperature. The mixing ratio of Resin to Hardener is 100:18Pbw.

Mortar Plasticizing Admixture

Putz Dichtament is a unique combination of mortar plasticizer, which imparts waterproofing characteristics on the applied surface. It is a chloride free, highly economical integral waterproofing compound. By admixing it, the air bubbles in the mortar makes the spacing even thereby making the capillaries discontinuous, which provides an additional waterproofing. Plaster containing Putz Dichtament need not be hit on the surface as doing conventionally can apply on the surface simple by plane and rectangular trowel with an effective thickness without rebounding because of inbuilt bonding property, which altogether saves cement. The workmanship of the labour is increased 2.5 times as the plastering can be done in a single operation. The saving in cement and labour renders the plastering work very economical and quick especially for large areas. By adding the product, the mortar can effectively with stand multiple cycles of climatic changes and makes mortar free from segregation and also the water content can be reduced by about 10 – 15% maintaining the same consistency.


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