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Waterproofing Solutions

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Dorken GmbH & Co KG is offering Delta® – PT waterproof, temperature resistant air gap technology waterproofing solutions. The product consists of a high impact resistant, flexible, waterproof dimpled sheet made of special high-density polyethylene incorporated with a bonded twist-woven HDPE-mesh to provide efficient plaster or render support. It is reliable, with mesh welded to the dimpled sheet to prevent delaminating. It forms a waterproof barrier, providing support for plasters and render coats or plastered board panels. It has a wide temperature range from -300 to +800 C. the solution is not affected by acids, alkaline solutions, oil or solvents and is acceptable for use in drinking water applications.

The product creates a ventilation air gap between damp basement walls and new plaster coats with its 8mm dimples. The system is transparent making fixing easy as good fixing points can be easily identified.


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