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Why invest in high-performance green buildings?

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Mirvac School of Sustainable Development at Bond University, Australia: The first educational institution to earn 6 Star Design rating by the Green Building Council of Australia

We live in a time of global climate change challenges and increasing regulatory pressures for greater energy-efficiency and carbon reduction. All of this, coupled with increased energy demand and rising energy costs, has created many challenges but few answers.Building owners, operators,and occupants are left to sift through mounting “green noise”to understand how to achieve environmental and economic benefits through smart building design and operation strategies.

Designing for high performance from a life-cycle perspective depends on several fairly recent innovations in the design/build process such as, Building Information Modeling(BIM), Integrated Project Delivery(IPD) and ever more sophisticated energy and financial modeling tools and methods.

High-performance green buildings are designed with an appreciation for unique local climate and cultural needs,ultimately providing for the health, safety, and productivity of building occupants. In addition,the intelligent connections with energy sources including the smart grid lead to lower energy use,reduced CO2 emissions and focused environmental stewardship.

Green Buildings pay

With the rapid increase of renewable energy use and the convergence of information technology and building technologies, we are on the path toward net zero energy or even positive energy buildings. Further,when implemented strategically, green construction and retrofits bring social as well as financial benefits. With green building design and operation, business success is assured as buildings become both practical and profitable. This is true for several reasons:+

  • Commercial tenants or owner/operators of sustainable green commercial buildings see tangible economic benefits including increased rental rates and improved occupant comfort.
  • By using energy efficiency measures and a focus on sustainable practices,building owners and operators can improve business performance and meet governmental regulations.
  • Greening existing buildings can increase property value while decreasing operating costs.
  • High-performance green building scan modify the patterns of use to avoid expensive peak rates and to become more efficient overall,regardless of time of day.
  • Buildings that generate energy through renew ables can also sell energy back to the smart grid.

Competitive edge and ROI

Retrofit designed for life cycle performance: Musgrove Park Hospital, UK

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